Behind the lens






The Beginning

In my second year at the University of Victoria, I picked up a camera for the first time. Through film classes, I write, shoot, direct, and edit 6 short films, the 6th wins best film and best editing at the Uvic Film Festival. At this point there was really no going back, and I wanted to branch out beyond narrative film. Through an ad on UVic’s job board, I met Kate Patel, and began working on our Documentary We Eat Garbage, about dumpster diving in Victoria, B.C.

First Job

While working on the documentary, I reached out to West Coast Hockey Prep Camp, where I had trained as a player for 5 years in highschool. I wanted to expand my skill set by creating a promotional video for them, and they hired me. Shooting sports became my first job in videography. I liked the challenge of capturing fleeting moments, and finding a cinematic story that would illustrate a brand.

Because I wanted to pursue that challenge, and because I could film while on skates, I was quickly hired by Rock Hockey, UBC Thunderbirds and Lynden Sammartino of LSGC to make similar promotional videos. Before the end of the year I was hired as a director of photography and editor by Matt Hulse, who wanted to shoot a music video about biking in Victoria, with a cameo from our very own Lisa Helps. Before Biketown, I had been shooting entirely on DSLR cameras, but with our production budget I was able to work with cinema cameras and lenses as well as professional gimbals and stabilizers.

Onward and Upward

Biketown “premiered” at the Victoria Events Centre in the beginning of the year. It was a fun little project that brought together the awesome biking community of Victoria. Watching an audience react to my work at a venue really felt like a new chapter in my life, and I felt confident about the road ahead. At Uvic, myself and a few other classmates produced a documentary on the current state of virtual reality, resulting in the documentary VRevolution, where I served as cinematographer and editor. In the summer, I shoot and edit 3 sketch videos for the improv group Out To Lunch. At the same time, I write, shoot, edit and direct the short film Windfall, shoot 3 live music videos for Victoria heartthrob Fintan O’brien, and work with musicians Bains and So Loki to create the music video for their song, “Northwest.” By the end of summer of 2017 I felt accomplished with my resume, but I made a list of the areas of videography that I hadn’t yet tried.


One of the last remaining areas of videography was wedding videography, and so I responded to an ad put out by Cassie O’Niel Films looking for a second videographer for some later summer weddings. I was hired, and knew after my first wedding that I wanted to pursue the industry further.


I graduated Uvic with a degree in Writing and a minor in Film Studies, and began Rylan Gladson Films. This was my first year shooting and editing my own wedding films, and I continued shooting narrative film, commercial videography, sports videography, and music videos.


I created FullStop Media with a team of talented web developers, designers, copywriters and marketing specialists, to provide a one-stop-shop for a brand’s online presence. Unveil Wedding Productions is created as my wedding business.